Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm packing again. Now that may not seem like news since we do move in a month. It is though because I've somehow been stuck in inertia. I couldn't understand why I was just doing ANYTHING else rather than pack, until today when the lightbulb came on, dim though it may be. I think if I just don't pack, I'm just not moving. And if I'm not moving, I am not sending my daughter out in to the world separate from me. I keep a pretty tight lid on my anxieties but now and then I let them up for air. So now I'm packing again.

It seems the house will NOT be ready for several more months, so now I am packing two types of boxes: boxes for storage till the house is done and boxes for the temporary apartment we will move in to. Wonder if I will just feel like pitching most of our stuff once we are reunited with it? Actually I promise not to toss it, I will sell it at one of our famous sales at World Impact instead. We pretty much see how little we can sell it for and still let people keep their dignity as they buy it.

I had a happy phone call a little while ago. My dear husband will be home this afternoon instead of tomorrow morning. I really miss him when he is gone. I can't believe I would be separated from him for a month or more at a time when he worked for Touch the World! Of course I worked full time so it seemed a little easier.

I do realize it is a wonderful thing to miss your husband of almost 31 years as much as I miss him. (o: !

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