Thursday, July 20, 2006

I read Psalm 119 this morning; all of it at once. In the past, I have the sections separately, one a day but decided this morning to read it all at one sitting. That gave me the desire to study it, section by section. I know there is so much more meaning than I get from a read-through. I have a favorite Bible study site on the web: They have all sorts of helps there including written and AUDIO of Ray Stedman. He was a wonderful pastor/teacher from California. I'll start this morning and see how I do.

Even if no one (besides my sister Helen)ever reads this blog, I find focus as I think about my days. It's a good thing for me.


Nancy said...

keep up the posts! I read it! Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Crystal said...

Aunt Ruthie,
I'm here too, reading along, rather, journeying along with you! Our team leader is preaching from Psalm 119 on Sunday. It's amazing that every verse except four (?) have something to do with God's law. Pretty amazing and I guess that means it's also pretty important!

Ruth Hoernig said...

Thanks for the encouragement dear nieces!
This is one of the best ways to keep in touch that I have ever done. I am a lousy letter writer. Actually, I write great letters, I just never MAIL them. I guess that's why I like blogs; instant gratification and no guilt. (o:
love to all

helen henry said...

Dear Ruthie,

I read them too as you already know, but it is fun to see that my "children" are reading you too.

packing is hard work and I am praying for you. It never seems to end but at some point you will get to realize what you have accomplished.