Monday, July 17, 2006

Have you heard of the dog days of August? In New Jersey we manage to also have the dog days of July. It should hit 99 to 100 degrees today and tomorrow and Steve is staying in Newark all week to host a visiting group. I can't imagine what the temps will reach in the city.

I've been reading through the Bible during this past year using an unusual method that is quite enjoyable. The ideas is to read 1 chapter each day in 5 sections of the Bible, beginning with Genesis, Job, Isaiah, Matthew, and Acts. I have reached the point where all my reading is in the Old Testament so I pick a chapter in the New Testament to re-read. I have to keep a good Old Testament commentary with my Bible so I can begin to understand some of what I read. For instance, I am halfway through Ezekiel and have to read explanations every day. Imagine my happy surprise when my pastor preached from Ezekiel 1-3 last week and Ezekiel 18 yesterday. I was so appreciative of his insights. If you want to hear some excellent sermons, go to on line and click on sermons. We plan to listen on line after we move because his teaching is so good.

Keep cool everyone.

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