Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sorry to anyone who reads this little blog, I missed a month. May was busy, as that is when I directed my first choral concert at Newark Christian School. Since I have no training to be a music teacher, this was a very big deal. I am so glad to say the kids did a wonderful job. Fortunately they liked the music I selected and the (mostly) drum track that accompanied it. I was so proud. The fun part was that it happened to be my 55th birthday. What a present!

I have just finished reading ONE VISION ONLY, a biography of Isobel Kuhn. I found myself in the story of her life as I read her thoughts on being called to Thailand after the age of 50, thinking she was done with foreign mission work. Let me quote Isobel: "When does the life of God pour through you richly? When you accept the challenge of a new thing for Him!" She has articulated for me what I could not quite put words to for myself.

Work on the house is progressing nicely. We still may not make it in by mid August however. If it is not ready, we will move temporarily into an apartment in the building that houses other World Impact missionaries. I realize that if that happens we will have the blessing of living side by side with our mission family. If the house is ready, we will have the blessing of not having to move twice. Maybe the apostle Paul is finally getting through to me. Am I actually learning to be content with whatever happens? Thanks for reading.

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