Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I am a slooow blogger. Until we actually move in to Newark, there isn't much to share. We are waiting for one more building permit so the inspectors can come check out the work that has been done. The outside of the house looks great. The next step there will be to have the iron worker in. He is putting up a fence with a locking gate in front of the driveway. We added 2 windows to the house so he is also making 2 more sets of bars for the downstairs windows. (o: We need to do a little more painting on the front of the house, and then there is just the matter of finishing off the entire inside of the house. Just a little matter. Our move in date is August 1st no matter what! As soon as I learn how to add pictures and links to my blog, I will let you all see the house.

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