Monday, April 02, 2007

Ruth is posting again?...So soon after the last time? (That's a joke, folks.)

Here we are, coming up on the most important day of the year...Easter. This is the day to remember that Christ did not only die for our sins, but He rose again. What a gift beyond measure.

I find that each time I move I have to grieve my family traditions at holiday times. Things change, children grow up and leave home, we move from familiar places and church families and it is time, once again, to establish new patterns and rythms. I was falling into a bit of melancholy so asked several sisters in Christ to pray for me. How good the Lord is to send praying friends and to answer our prayers so lovingly.

This past Saturday we had an Easter Egg Hunt for 29 kids who attended our King's Kids program at the building. On Good Friday, we will have 6 to 10 neighborhood children over to our home to dye eggs and then will send the eggs home with them. Our dear 24/7 Community Church will have a foot-washing service on Maundy Thursday which we will attend. I hope to find a Good Friday service to attend as well. Then on Easter, thanks to God, we will attend our old church in Wyckoff and eat dinner with my daughter-in-law's family. It will be a large group and they are enfolding us. We will also celebrate our Caleb's 4th birthday and be there for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Some things change and others stay the same.

I hope all who read this have a wonderful and joy-filled Easter.

He is risen! He is risen indeed!


Crystal said...

He IS risen indeed! Thanks for this post, Aunt Ruth. I hear you...I feel very much the same way and yet it's great that the Truth of tradition NEVER changes. And no matter where we are, we can worship and enjoy the beauty of each holiday He has given us, perhaps in different ways than others, but, as I am finding, celebrating holidays here I often learn something so much more meaningful b/c I am truly celebrating and not just going thru the motions. God is GOOD!

helen said...


With constant change in family size and location, I too feel those tugs of memories/traditions that are in the past, but then remember WHY I am celebrating and that helps me to get over it (although I still mourn what I no longer have or can do). But as Crystal just said, "God is Good!" and HE IS RISEN INDEED!

love, helen

Ruth Hoernig said...

God IS good, and I too would not exchange what He teaches me and does in me for what is familiar and comfortable.
Crystal, you have so much more change than I that your example really bolsters me up.
Love to you and to Helen.