Sunday, March 25, 2007

Have I mentioned that a missionary's life is never dull, or slow, or boring, or lacking in things to be done? Do you get the picture? We have just had a week when 2 college volunteer groups were here. I can tell that I have more confidence as a music teacher than last year at this time because I welcomed the music ed. majors to my classes. One young lady named Sam did a lesson for us on brass instruments. She is a french horn player, but we actually had no french horn for her to play. We have 2 trumpets (one is a mess), a trombone, a baritone horn and a euphonium! These are all instruments that have been donated over the years and I keep them in my closet for teaching purposes. I actually demonstrated the trombone a month ago and what a riot that was. Sam did an awesome job with my students and they learned alot.

Our concert is planned for May 18th this year and we are not ready! The music I ordered did not come and I had to cancel the order. Fortunately I had started with a couple of gospel songs with choreography and they are almost ready. We have added a spiritual in 2 parts and it is coming along fast as well. I went to a different company and ordered a couple of more songs and hope they work out as well. I teach all the songs by rote method so I have to really know them first. Pray for me! Hopefully the 5th and 6th grades will be ready to play a song on the recorder too.


Crystal said...

Dear Aunt Ruth,
Thanks for these two posts...what a wonderful ministry you have and yet I know it is so hard. It's hard when the person using is someone you love...but I am so thankful for people like you who are out there loving and sharing and showing Christ. Don't give up on him!

helen said...

I will be praying for you with your concert...this too is a ministry both to the students and parents but also to the community.

will you be taping the concert? I would love to see/hear it but know i cant be there in person.

love, helen