Friday, April 06, 2007

Hey everyone,

Just said good-bye to the 8!!! neighborhood kids who came to our house to dye eggs. We fed them some yummies and sat them around the table with 8 cups of dye. They had to share the colors and a good time was had by all. I spoke to them for approximately 3 minutes about the real meaning of Easter...about how much they were ready to listen to. Despite the fight that broke out in front of our house afterwards, it was a blessing. Really it was only a shouting match that we quickly took in hand. We feel blessed by the turnout and the reception of the "event". It was a good next step in ministry to the families that line our street.

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helen said...


That is so cool! We do not have any kids on our street except grandchildren, who werent home today. Gardening took second place and that too reminded me of new life...He is risen!

love, helen