Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Well, well, well. I must first let you all know that our missionary friend with the broken ankle is progressing nicely. Last year he had some heart issues and began doing some upper body strength work and that has helped him immensely. He is not allowed to put any weight on it so is not back at school yet. The doctor's are pleased with his progress though. Thanks you for praying.

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. We were fortunate to go spend it with best friends from our last church as we still have no functioning oven. On Thanksgiving morning I began to miss Claire in a way I have not done yet. I am afraid that tears will be near the surface from now until Christmas. There is no sense in trying to avoid the feelings, I just have to let them come. I have a friend whose son is in Iraq so I try to pray for her and for her son whenever I think of Claire.

No, we are still not in the house. We are very close but now all the nit-picking begins. We failed our first final inspection due to some minor things such as a missing piece of trim in the CLOSET! We went to Home Depot the day after Thanksgiving and bought 24 mini-blinds. Steve is busily installing them all. Today however, he had roofers and window replacers at the apartment building repairing fire damage. Tomorrow our lovely inspector comes again to see if we can finally move.

It's funny: I am so ready to move, yet so dreading MOVING again. We'll move the stuff from the apartment first because once we move anything in, we must sleep there to avoid break-in attempts. I told Steve that the first things to come down from the storage area will be the Christmas boxes and the kitchen things.

We had our all-school program right before Thanksgiving and it was wonderful. The song I had prepared with the kids went so well and all the class presentations were so good. Our school accomplishes so much with so little. I am proud of our terrific teachers and students.

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