Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is a quick request for prayer to anyone who reads this blog. One of our missionaries who also happens to be our school librarian/vice-principal/Bible teacher, was hit by a car yesterday while riding his bike. Both bones in his ankle are broken and surgery was done late last night. Prognosis is that he is off that foot for 3 months. He is a runner and we are praying for quick and complete healing for him. His name is Steve Larson and I ask you all to lift his need up to the Lord, also pray for his wife Martha. We are experiencing much opposition here in Newark, but the school year is going very well and each attack leaves us all more determined than ever to be the hands and feet and light of Christ in this city that God loves. I read the last chapter of Jonah today and prayed that we would have the same love for Newark and its people that God had toward Ninevah. Thanks for your prayers.

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helen said...

dont leave us hanging...how is your missionary collegue with the broken ankle? Keep us posted.