Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Lord truly knows just how much we can take. Today we received our CO, that is our permission to move in to our house. We will move as much as we can on Saturday and will begin to sleep and live there that night. What a blessing it will be. I am already thankful for so many things: no more locking and unlocking the gate to drive in and out, (We will only deal with that when we are in for the night), no more laundry 4 flights down and up the stairs, a working oven and (eventually) all my cooking supplies and clothes in one place.

There are things I will dearly miss as well. I will miss our missionary neighbors--both those in the building and those in houses all around. I guess that's it. (o:

Did I mention that I will only have to walk across the street to school and church? Eventually I will be able to have a knitting club and a cooking club after school, in my house. Thank you Lord!

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