Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Let me tell you all a little about inner-city life. The first and biggest difference is in the amount of keys and locks in my life. I have a front door key and a back door key and a gate key. I have 2 keys that go to our Care Center. I have 2 keys for the school (I still don't have the school office key) and I hav 2 keys for Steve's office in the building. I have one more key for our house doors and an electronic opener for the school parking lot gate. When I leave my house I lock my back door and make sure I have both of my key rings. I go down 3 flights of stairs, undo 2 locks, and relock one of them from the outside. I get into and start my car, drive it toward the gate, turn it off, get out and unlock the gate, get back in the car and drive it through the gate, turn it off and get out with the keys in hand so I can lock it with my purse inside while I close and lock the gate from the other side, unlock my car, get back in, turn it on and go. I have a pretty funny story about it all: Several weeks ago on a Sunday morning, I went out for Dunkin Donuts and a newspaper. When I came back, one of the men who attend church at our Care Center was waiting for the pastor/missionary to come over and let him in. I kind of chatted with Bill while I went through all of the above steps in reverse. All of a sudden I realized I had just driven my car through the gate, left it running because now it was inside the lot, got out and went a locked myself out on the other side of the gate. I was now on the outside while my car, running with the door open, was on the inside. Fortunately the missionary-pastor came by a let me back in. I haven't done that again!
More on city life later.

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helen said...

Oh my goodness! I have all of two keys for everything in my life that I need. I had no idea how "easy" my life is :-)

This gives me one more thing to pray for you...that you wont have any more of those "senior moments" when locking and unlocking doors and gates!

love, helen