Friday, August 18, 2006

Today is the last day before we move to Newark. The apartment here is looking pretty empty on the one hand, and still with more to pack. Where does all the stuff come from? Everything calls for a decision. Is it being stored?, Are we taking it to the apartment? Do we still need it or want it? Could someone else use it? Moving is just no fun. But God's faithfulness is new every morning and His love never fails. And don't forget that in our weakness He is strong. God's promises are the stuff that gets us through the day.

We will not be in our house till near to Christmas but we will be in a spacious 3rd floor apartment in a building with other missionaries, owned by World Impact. We've been in a 2nd floor apartment so one more flight of stairs is ok. I'll enjoy the friendships of the other people and the help in getting acclimated.

School starts after Labor Day so as soon as I am unpacked I have to begin my lesson plans in earnest. I have ideas about how I will structure it all but need to flesh it out. The internet is a wealth of lesson plans and ideas that work for other teachers. Remember, I have no training. I plan to teach music basics plus chorus. If God ever sees fit to send a trained music teacher, one who can teach instruments, I will gleefully step aside and be an aide. Until then, I will do my best with what I know. I love the kids so I am highly motivated.

I just thought I lost this whole post, but thank God I recovered it. Again God is faithful.

Just think, my next post will be done in Newark for the first time. We will finally be the "Hoernigs in Newark".

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