Friday, August 25, 2006

I am sitting at my fully hooked up computer here in Newark. We have actually been here for 1 day shy of a week. It is peaceful in a city way. The peace comes from our assurance that we have followed the steps God has laid out for us.

We live on the top floor of a 3 story brick apartment house. It is quite secure, in fact one of our bigger adjustments will be all the locking and unlocking we have to do everywhere. We are fortunate to have trees outside our windows and I can hear birds singing as I read my Bible in the morning. This morning there was a very loud bird chirping just outside our bedroom window and our cat Sarge was most interested.

Today we will make our last trip back to Wyckoff to get half a truckload of what I call the 'detrius of moving', you know the stuff I mean; the things that you haven't been using but have been collecting in the corners of your life. We also have lots of items for our next neighborhood garage sale to take place here in Newark on the first Saturday of September. It creates a wonderful opportunity for us to see and be seen in our new city and to get to know our neighborhood. We have fun.

God bless all of you who prayed us through to this point.

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helen said...

Dear Ruthie,

Thank you so much for checking in with us all. We have been praying for you and are glad to hear you are all safe and sound and resting in God's assurance of His will for you.

love, helen