Saturday, August 15, 2009

The building alarm went off at 4 AM this morning. Now you have to know, this alarm is soooo loud it can almost wake the dead and we are directly across the street from it. In fact we hear it when the missionaries who live in the building don't. When it goes off Steve goes over to walk through the building with Ron Klaassen. I always pity new neighbors on the street the first time they hear it; they must wonder what kind of crazy car alarm that is anyway. Well, since we leave on vacation today, I had no chance of going back to sleep. So here I am.

We went to the Branch Brook park farmer's market yesterday for only the second time this year. It had supposedly been open for over an hour but there were only 2 vendors and almost no produce. How sad. We ended up at the one in W. Orange where they had all you could possibly want including three types of corn from two different farmers. Typical. I always feel bad for the people in Newark because so many have no cars so have few choices. I try to bring others along when I can.

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