Friday, August 10, 2007

It has been a busy summer with no time out for blog reading or writing. The end of the school year came and went so quickly with my concert followed by the conference I attended in Florida that summer was upon me and half over before I took a breath.

I taught a week-long Bible club with a friend. It was based on KidsEE and was lots of fun even if my right hand did develop arthritis from all the cutting out of crafts we did the week before. The kids were very responsive and really began to understand their faith in a way that they could share with others.

We hosted a 6-week long Bible study in our home during which one neighbor gave himself to Christ. Whoo-hoo! The Bible study included serving dinner ahead of time and me babysitting a very active 4 year old so his mom could attend. We will begin again in the fall.

Steve just got back from 5 days at youth camp and is leaving tomorrow for 4 days of teen camp. Looks like I am not going, as we have no girls attending this year. He'll get back on Wednesday and we will leave the next day for family camp with at least one family from the Bible study and another missionary. After that comes teachers meetings followed by the first day of school.

We also spent a week with Micah, Kim, Isaac and Caleb driving to Illinois for a brief visit with my sister Lois and on to Minneapolis for the Five P-Minus Family Conference. More about that later. Just let me say that 50somethings just don't recover from 2 days in the car like they did when they were 20somethings.

I know you have all heard of the horrible shootings in Newark last weekend. Please keep praying for our city. The enemy of our souls thinks he owns Newark and we are truly engaged in Spiritual warfare. The kids we work with are very at risk, very few intact families, and very few resources of any kind. It is a privilege to be here no matter what happens.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ruthie,

You surely are in the thick of it! But we know that HE is able to deliver us, dont we.

What a busy summer! You and Crystal should compare busy schedules as they too have not stopped to catch their breath.

The next thing you know it will labor day and school will begin! Where has the summer gone?!

love, helen